God anmeldelse af Meander: “…a unique listening experience”.

Category: Anmeldelser, Nyheder

Eyal Hareyveni har skrevet en grundig anmeldelse af Meander og er begejstret for CD´en.

Han skriver bl.a.

“This ensemble transforms Bisgaard’s arresting musical vision into a unique listening experience.”

“…offering surprising detours from any familiar, conventional courses”


Og i en længere beskrivelse af musikken siger han bl.a.

“Bisgaard’s compositions demand careful, repeated listening as the layers upon layers of her ideas and compositional strategies become clear. At first, her lyrical compositions sound minimalist and restrained, balancing between delicate, subtle contemporary chamber music and reserved, even sparse manners of improvisation, still, relying on her ensemble to find intuitively the right balance. But with each listen, Bisgaard’s unorthodox architecture of compositional ideas, fresh instrumentation and thoughtful arrangements, together with her unique sense of sound exploration, starts becoming decipherable. By then, it is already clear that the gentle, patient playing of all the ensemble musicians, especially Buchanan, has a strong and lasting emotional appeal.”


Hele anmeldelsen kan læses her: http://www.freejazzblog.org/2015/08/signe-bisgaard-meander-finland-studio.html